Wallace and Ladmo
Legends in their own right, Wallace and Ladmo were the hosts of the longest running daily television show in history, an eclectic blend of cartoons, skits, music and general silliness that featured such unforgettable characters as Aunt Maud, Captain Super, Marshal Good, Elmer Blisco, Boffo the Clown, and the quintessential spoiled brat, Gerald. Their weekly stage shows at the Lagoon Amphitheater in Legend City were truly inspired exercises in the art of sublime lunacy. This is a collection of early photos of Wal, Lad, Gerald and Maud taken in various locations and situations around the park. Photos courtesy of Johnny Franklin. Also featured here are two color photos of Wal and Lad taken during the Ground Breaking Day festivities, courtesy of Louis Crandall. (Click on arrows to scan through the photos)


The amazing Dutchman's Shack