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A Tribute to a Bygone Arizona Amusement Park
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A Tribute to a Bygone Arizona Amusement Park
Thursday, June 20th, 2024


The heart of Legend City, as in any amusement park, lay in its unique assortment of attractions: the rides, games, penny arcade and public spectacles that defined this special place in such a truly timeless way. Far from being a poor man's Disneyland, Legend City was a genuinely original entertainment environment in both concept and execution as shown in the selection of park attractions featured in these photos and postcards. Click on the thumbnails for closer views and commentary.

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Car Rides
Legend City featured two distinctive car rides, the Antique Car Ride and the Bla...
16 Photos
Cochises Stronghold
The "River of Legends" river ride was a centerpiece attraction when Legend City ...
14 Photos
A remarkable variety of food vendors came and went during the two decades of ope...
16 Photos
Golden Palace Saloon
The Coca-Cola Golden Palace Saloon (later called the Red Garter) was a major ent...
34 Photos
Iron Horse
The Legend City Railroad with its Iron Horse was an integral part of the Legend ...
20 Photos
Lost Dutchman Mine
The Lost Dutchman Mine ride was probably the most distinctive attraction at Lege...
7 Photos
Wallace & Ladmo
Legends in their own right, Wallace and Ladmo were the hosts of the longest runn...
33 Photos
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