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A Tribute to a Bygone Arizona Amusement Park
Sunday, September 19th, 2021

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Date: 9/28/2010   Time: 12:54:19 PM
Comments: I remember the paddle boats in The Lagoon, the lights and sounds at night, the bumper cars, The Lost Dutchman Mine... Gosh, too many things to name!

Thanks for the memories! We miss you Legend City!

Date: 9/4/2010   Time: 11:54:53 AM
Comments: I loved Legend City. We lived in Phoenix and I have a lot of good memories about that place! I, no longer live there but this website took me down memory lane. Thank you for sharing this!
Date: 8/29/2010   Time: 3:34:27 PM
Comments: I used to live in winkelman , az my parents took me there as a child in the late 60s. I was watching a tv program that jogged my memory and I was wondering if it was still around. It is sad to find out it is no longer. Thank you for creating this site to share with family.
Date: 8/25/2010   Time: 7:06:30 PM
Comments: We worked at Legend City from 1970 to 1974. Wayne and Roberta Eveland- Williams. I worked the photo booth at the jail and train station, then for the park food and beverage and made uniforms for the band and food and beverage. Wayne started custodial, but ended up management for food and beverage. Hello anyone else from then. I'm on facebook.
Date: 8/14/2010   Time: 4:49:12 PM
Comments: Awesome, now I am craving a Churro er, Ladmo Stick
Date: 8/14/2010   Time: 3:45:59 AM
Comments: simply thank you s hawkins
Date: 8/13/2010   Time: 11:08:27 PM
Comments: I came from germany in 1978 went to the park many times with my cousin in the early 80 s had a great time there threw up on the ride what a fun time we had wish it was still around i am 46 now and remember it like it was jesturday never expirianced anything like it back in the old country thank you legend city ps great site Harold k Schneider
Date: 8/9/2010   Time: 10:57:13 AM
Comments: I remember the ground breaking for this amusement park. My family rode our horses their to watch it. I spent more than one Saturday night at this fun park in the summer time with famil and friends.

Barbara Lyons Hollinger

Phoenix Union High School
Date: 8/2/2010   Time: 3:16:11 PM
Comments: The band I was in, Bodacious, was the house band at the beer gardens in the late 70's or early 80's. Got to see many acts at Compton Terrace and got to ride the rides for free. Great memories!
Date: 7/29/2010   Time: 12:04:41 AM
Comments: I absolutly wish that someone could recreate what we all lost..It was the best place.. I was just telling my teenager that it was so fun to go to when I found this site..In my day it was Jim Farrell everyone knew him..class of 76 North High..we all came and met there every Friday night.. I have no idea why I remember the name but we all had so much fun.. I so wish fun was that way again for our children..
Thank you for thinking of this site...Compton Terrace..the rides, KRUX, it had it all!! Those were the best days!!

Melody 1968
Date: 7/20/2010   Time: 11:51:07 AM
Comments: No pics of the roller coaster? The roller coaster ride at Legend City is what gave me a phobia on roller coasters!
Date: 7/18/2010   Time: 2:44:48 PM
Comments: what great memories do i have at Legend City. thanks for taking us all back.
Date: 7/11/2010   Time: 7:58:44 AM
Comments: Don't know what made me search Legend City, I had so much fun there as a child also love The Wallace and Ladmo Show. Thanks for putting together a site for memories, Love the show too .
Date: 7/10/2010   Time: 11:57:54 AM
Comments: Oh yeah, those were the good days. Lots of memories and fun!!!
Date: 7/1/2010   Time: 9:13:27 AM
Comments: My dad and grandfather took me to legend city in 70's, early 80's and it never got old to me! R.I.P. Legend City :(
Date: 6/27/2010   Time: 1:20:55 PM
Comments: My husband and I went here when we were dating (30 years ago). My son was asking questions about Legend City; mostly, why did it close? Thanks for the memories, we still miss this park.
Date: 6/24/2010   Time: 6:29:32 AM
Comments: Thanks for a wonderful site! I have been trying for ages to tell my husband how much fun Legend City was, and now he can see firsthand! I am now living in England and love sites that take me back to my home in Arizona, where I was born and raised.
Date: 6/17/2010   Time: 6:02:17 PM
Comments: Great sight and lots of memories from my youth. thx
Larry from north phoenix
Date: 6/6/2010   Time: 5:11:27 PM
Comments: Hi! What a blast from the past . My friends and i use to go there , and we saw a concert when it was Compton terrice. Thank-you .native of Phoenix Arizona -1960
Date: 5/27/2010   Time: 6:35:40 PM
Comments: Red Rider opened for Pat Benatar, I was there!!!
Date: 5/26/2010   Time: 9:59:54 PM
Comments: Wow old memories Date: 5/22/2010 Time: 6:06:05 AM
Comments: I used to go to Legend City with my brother Michael when we were kids.I also remember seeing Pat Benatar there at Compton Terrace. and for the bonus question who was the opening band?
Date: 5/22/2010   Time: 6:06:05 AM
Comments: I used to go to Legend City with my brother Michael when we were kids.I also remember seeing Pat Benatar there at Compton Terrace.
Date: 5/20/2010   Time: 7:56:53 AM
Comments: The last time I was at Legend City was for a concert. Jackson Brown & Jimmy Buffet, I think. We walked through the vacant park, we had to sneak past some barriers, but it was so sad that it was no longer functioning as an amusement park. Hubby is a native & had been there often, Ive only been there a couple of times.
P.S. I miss Wallace & Ladmo, too!
Date: 5/9/2010   Time: 9:25:00 AM
Comments: Happy to see this tribute to Legend City as I have nothing but great memories of fun times while at the park. It was a big part of my high school days in the 70's and was wonderful to revisit even if only a virtual tour. Thanks much! Janice W.
Date: 5/7/2010   Time: 12:13:25 AM
Comments: It is great to see that someone has taken the time to put this web site together. It brings back fond memories of my childhood in Phoenix. I wish Legend City was still here today!
Tim O'Dell
Date: 5/6/2010   Time: 7:52:17 AM
Comments: This website is awesome. Can't wait to show my kids. Why did it close? I guess the land was just to valuable for the owner.
Date: 5/5/2010   Time: 7:31:21 AM
Comments: I loved Legend City. Don't know why they let it go. I know it's hot here in summer, but seems like they could open it in the fall, winter and spring and still be it operating.They needed lots of trees for shade. I wish I was super rich. I would open up another park for all to enjoy here in are beautiful city. We need some entertainment. Not much to do here in the valley. Miss Legend City :((.
Date: 4/23/2010   Time: 10:23:18 AM
Comments: Some of my fondest childhood memories with family and friends are visits to Legend City. Thanks for putting this web site together. It was really nice to see all the old photos and revisit this experience. I was born in Phoenix in 1964 and enjoyed L.C. throughout it's heydays.
The Lost Dutchman's Mine is still my favorite.
Even when it was "run-down" at the in the early 80's. Thanks for sharing your tribute.
Tim Turner (Phoenix 1964-1983)

Date: 4/14/2010   Time: 7:39:24 PM
Comments: I moved here in the 70's and loved L.C.! Also my first concert at Compton Terrace.
Wallace and Ladmo were the best and I even have a signed Ladmo bag! Ahhh, the good old days...sigh.....
Date: 4/11/2010   Time: 6:18:44 PM
Comments: SKATEBOARD PARK... Does anyone have any photos or home movies to the Skateboarding area they had at this park in 1965?? I am a historian on the sport and trying to find anything i can on it..Please email me if you have anything.. thanks, Scotty
Date: 4/7/2010   Time: 2:34:30 PM
Comments: The Legend never dies.
The peak of Arizona. Before California companies and money. Before every midwest transplant. Before greedy home builders. I remember the old AZ fondly.
Date: 4/5/2010   Time: 9:19:49 PM
Comments: Bring Legend City Back. Wallace and Ladmo were the best. Gold Bond Stamps. One book filled got you in free. Lord we all miss Ladmo. God bless them for raising us. Dana Downs.
Date: 3/30/2010   Time: 6:45:38 PM
Comments: I grow up in Chandler just a few miles away for Legend City. My dad would take the hole family there on the day after report card Day. That if we all didn't get any F..
Date: 3/28/2010   Time: 9:37:16 PM
Comments: I miss seeing those tall neon green towers at night and riding the Skydiver with cotton candy & quarters that fell out of my pocket whipping around inside. Thanks for the memories. We'll never forget!
Date: 3/25/2010   Time: 2:30:20 PM
Comments: Thanks for putting this site together, (sniff) bittersweet but it brings back lots of fun memories.
Scot S.
Date: 3/23/2010   Time: 4:51:19 PM
Comments: I worked at the Park the summer of 1974 - what a blast it was. I am now 52 and my fondest memories are of that summer. Thanks for the great site. Big Sue
Date: 3/22/2010   Time: 7:27:18 PM
Comments: Wow, just found this brings back a ton of memories, I worked there as a ride operator in 81-82. what a great job for a high school kid.
Date: 3/7/2010   Time: 6:11:26 AM
Comments: Oh my Gosh!!! I cannot believe there is a Legend City site! I loved LC when i moved here in 1976, I lived fairly close cuz i had to walk home once lol. It was a great place! I had a lot of fun there as a teenager! Compton Terrace was my first concert other than the ones at the fair! I seem to remember that they were going to move it out to Firebird Lake, after Compton Terrace moved there i heard nothing about it. I would go again if they brought it back, i dont care for the fair. I enjoyed reading the comments here, thank you all for the memories!
Date: 3/6/2010   Time: 8:55:01 PM
Comments: I worked at Legend City Through out the 70's I was Lost Dutch Man Shack tour guide and gun fighter AKA "Buffalo Chip" Hi di hi there Frend and neigbors my names Buffalo Chip and Im gonna be your guide thru the ol lost Dutchmans Shack, so if ya got any questions at any time just yell out hey Buffalo Chip or something kind of close to it and Ill answer any guestions ya got.......
Date: 3/6/2010   Time: 10:08:45 AM
Comments: My boyfriend and I used to go on the skyride and neck.
Date: 2/27/2010   Time: 12:56:15 PM
Comments: I loved Legend City !! I remember me and my sisters took a flashlight in the "Witches Castle" to see what was grabbing us. It was a man standing there with a big black fuzzy mitt on !!!!! They stopped the ride and kicked us off !!!! Too funny !!!
Date: 2/19/2010   Time: 8:47:30 AM
Comments: I was born in 1958 in a small town called Cottonwood, Az. We moved to Black Canyon City Az. when I was 5 years old. The best time of my life was spent at L.C., and waking up to Wallace & Ladmo, and all of the older cartoons. Life was great back then. Renee Wells
Date: 2/16/2010   Time: 2:43:06 PM
Comments: Although, I didn't move here until the late 80's. I've heard several stories about LC. What a great website and I love hearing the stories and memories of LC. Thank you for sharing with us. I think Phoenix needs to create a LC2 with the same set up. :)
Date: 2/10/2010   Time: 12:15:00 AM
Comments: I worked in" Kiddie Land" at Legend City in the early 80's. Nothing but great memories and smiles when I think of it :0) ~ Dannie ~
Date: 2/9/2010   Time: 9:27:15 AM
Comments: Man! I was born in 1964 and when we went on the city of Phoenix COPMEA day
in the Mid 70s i had to be have my self ,Wallace and Ladmo raised me in the morning before i went to school And I also went to his funneral and have video.
Date: 2/8/2010   Time: 9:04:52 PM
Comments: Thanks for your great website to remember legend City!
Date: 2/1/2010   Time: 5:40:18 AM
Comments: Thanks for making this wonderful repository for our memories!

Bill Rouse in Mesa
Date: 1/31/2010   Time: 9:39:38 PM
Comments: Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee Hee Ha Ha says it all!
Date: 1/31/2010   Time: 12:26:36 PM
Comments: I worked there on the Log Jam for 2 summers. Although I was making $1.35 hr. it was one of the best and funnest jobs I ever had. I have friends to this day from Legend City.
Date: 1/31/2010   Time: 2:11:26 AM
Comments: I was lucky enough to have gone several times through out the years. My first date,was at LC with of group of friends. My parents never knew I was there with a boy. The older brother of one of my childhood friends who lived behind us worked there. I thought he was so handsome and was really cool because he worked there, was around 1970. What a great place, so many good memories.

Cindy Stapleton One of the Las Palmaritas Gang
Date: 1/29/2010   Time: 7:36:24 AM
Comments: My dad and I live in Phoenix and we visited LC in the 70's and early-80's and really miss it R.I.P. Legend City! :(
Date: 1/27/2010   Time: 5:33:16 PM
Comments: This site is great :) My mom always told me about Legend City! I'll have to show this so her! I'm sure it'll bring back great memories!
Date: 1/26/2010   Time: 10:35:26 AM
Comments: What a wonderful web site....brings back great memories for a baby boomer
Thank you for sharing !
Date: 1/19/2010   Time: 10:27:48 PM
Comments: OMG!!! I totally miss LC! gosh the best place to be in the 70's :) what fond memories!
What a loss :( but Thanks for the wonderful memories !
Date: 1/14/2010   Time: 5:57:27 PM
Comments: O.M.G. some of our fondest memories!! and riding motorcycles across the street at 20 acres!! Compton Terrace was never the same out at firebird!!
Date: 1/13/2010   Time: 9:59:01 PM
Date: 1/13/2010   Time: 9:55:09 PM
Comments: I was born in '61 in Phoenix, and while looking at the photos of the rides was very confused at my own memories?! Maybe my mom didn't take me to LC when I was young-I don't know, but I have NO memory of alot of the boat rides, the sky ride, the cars?! I remember broken down rides (lost Dutchman) and rides that were closed and more of the carnival/fair rides. I remember that huge roller coaster...something Mouse?! I LOVED that ride and it was probably to blame for my love of the thrill of coasters to this day! lol I lost my dad at age 8 and things may have been too tight for me to go when I was younger and LC was in it's glory....I saw enough of the "end" to feel bad each time I went and witnessed the deterioration as there wasn't money for upkeep. Strange how we just kept going though, lol! Thanks for this site! D. Angle
Date: 12/30/2009   Time: 8:15:37 PM
Comments: I worked at Legend City from about 70-72 - Such great memories - looking for more old employees - saw a message from Wendy Dae - well this is Mon Dae - a sister of hers from those days..... I am now a great grandmother and wish it was still around so I could share it with the next generations...
Maureen (Painter) Spencer (on Facebook)
Date: 12/28/2009   Time: 11:51:10 PM
Date: 9/23/2009   Time: 8:43:07 AM
Comments: I worked at LC from 76-78. This was the best job any highschool kid could ever wish for. Many of my girlfriends work there too. We would go out afterwork for pizza at Aurelios in Scottsdale or to Red Devil in Phx. Those were great times. I grew up less than a mile from LC and spent many of my birthday celebrations there. We didn't care if it was July, we had a great time no matter how hot and muggy it was. Sharing these memories with my son about LC made it much easier using this site. Thank you for keeping LC memory alive for us big kids.
Date: 9/7/2009   Time: 8:44:52 PM
Comments: I used to work at Legend City in 1977-1978. It was an awesome place and sad to see it gone. I had alot of fun there working and just going there on my days off.
Date: 9/4/2009   Time: 9:32:24 AM
Comments: Thanks for the site, I learned something new about my city today!
Date: 9/2/2009   Time: 9:28:27 PM
Comments: I was born in Phoenix in 1971 and barely remember going to the park, but I loved it. The memories aren't real strong, but remember being very sad when it closed. I vaguely recall tv ad's for park. Too bad Phoenix doesn't have another park because I think it would do great with the year-round weather.
Date: 8/28/2009   Time: 3:14:49 PM
Comments: I remember going to legend city with my family in 1977 when we lived in Casa Grande, Arizona. Seeing this site brings back memories of that time as well as watching Wallace and Ladmo on TV on kpho channel 5 until my family's move to Los Angeles, California in Oct of 1985.
Date: 8/22/2009   Time: 1:29:22 PM
Comments: Hi Scott Starr here. Skateboard Historian. looking for any photos or home movies of the Skateboard Track that was at Legend City in 1965.. there were different skill areas called PIPELINE, BEACH and BUN BUSTER.. Does anyone have anything that needs to be in the skateboarding archives? starrphoto at
Date: 8/22/2009   Time: 1:06:44 PM
Comments: WOW this really brought back memories...i thought this park was alot better than disney lol i saw my first concert at legend city Fleetwood Mac..and rode my first rollercoaster there ...thanks for putting up this site you brought back alot of memories
Date: 8/19/2009   Time: 5:43:03 PM
Comments: What a great place for us early phxtempe people, enough that i ended up working there later. still have my old redwhite name tag. every time im that way all i see on that corner is Legend city, its still there every square inch. MISS THE PLACE. O one more thing it was funny the place would close in the summer because it was to hot out.
Date: 8/12/2009   Time: 3:36:59 PM
Comments: Love the site! It's an awesome tribute to a bygone era of the internet. The embedded .wav files take me back to a simpler time many people refer to as 1997!
Date: 8/12/2009   Time: 3:27:37 AM
Comments: I will use it on mine!!
Date: 8/11/2009   Time: 3:59:29 PM
Comments: Fantastic site, kudos. Legend City was the coolest.
Date: 7/27/2009   Time: 5:57:03 PM
Comments: Happy 80th Birthday, Louis Crandall!
Date: 7/10/2009   Time: 7:03:20 PM
Comments: My favorite
attraction was the Dutchman's Shack where everything was slanted. I wish Legend
City was still there, and that my kids could have experienced it in the 80s and
90s. Thanks for the memories.
Date: 7/7/2009   Time: 8:25:05 PM
Comments: Back in the summer of 1966, I was the Music Director of
KRUX and we helped to promote the Smash Back to School Blast that was held at
Legend City.  Lesley Gore, who wrote and recorded It's My Party was our
headliner.  She arrived at Sky Harbor.  In front of the terminal were a couple
of vehicles and a Limo for her.  My car was there too.  A brand new 1966 Bright
Yellow Corvette.  I parked my car behind the limo there in the front of the
terminal.  When she came out, she was told the Limo was for her.  It didn't take
long for her to say, I will go in that car!  Pointing at my corvette.  No one
argued with her.  I didn't mind a bit.  So in Lesley Gore got into the passenger
seat with KRUX Good Guy Norm Seeley driving her out to Legend City.  I don't
know how she got around after the show, but from that day forward, my car was
referred to as The Lesley Gore Vette. -- Norm Seeley (former Music Director KRUX
Date: 4/27/2009   Time: 2:25:51 AM
Comments: Thank you for keeping the memories alive. I had many happy family times here as a kid.
Date: 4/24/2009   Time: 2:07:15 PM

Date: 4/22/2009   Time: 5:38:56 PM
Comments: Hey just a heads up, I wanted to let everyone know that Xio Dibin speaks English. I hope I posted in the right location?
Date: 4/22/2009   Time: 1:18:49 PM
Comments: My dad rueben noel was the sale exec. at one time and legend city was my second home, thank you for the memories
Date: 4/17/2009   Time: 2:33:22 PM
Comments: My sisters and my friends spent many Saturdays at Legend City looking for boys in the Sky Ride cars. Never did find them. I remember seeing East High School in the distance. It too is gone.
Those were the days.
Date: 4/16/2009   Time: 9:17:06 PM
Comments: Awww, I wish this was still here! Hearing the Wallace and Ladmo theme song reaaaally takes me back too. Wow! thank you for this site! It's wonderful!
Date: 4/14/2009   Time: 3:00:56 PM
Comments: Thank you for preserving this history. I have fond memories of the park,the places to eat, the rides and the shows. Of course, Wallace and Ladmo. Later, Compton Terrace. wow what great fun. Thanks again,
Steff Kelly
Date: 4/14/2009   Time: 12:05:17 PM
Comments: Legend City holds a lot of great childhood memories for me -now 58 yrs old. I hated to see it torn down. I remember a promotion one time that anyone whose hair was longer than Alice Cooper's could get in free. I don't think anyone did.
John Foster
Date: 4/13/2009   Time: 3:49:49 PM
Comments: Good site, admin.
Date: 4/13/2009   Time: 8:05:38 AM
Comments: I went there on my first official date. It was a fun place to go to. East High Yearbook staff went there on have their pic taken because the yearbook was called Legend.
Date: 4/8/2009   Time: 6:37:38 PM
Comments: I was born at Good Samaritin hospital. Lived in Scottsdale as a baby.We moved to paradise valley soon after. My folks moved us to San Diego in 1968. I had forgotten about Legend City until I googled Wallace and Ladmo. This was a link. I have some vague memories of the park because I was so young. But I remember The Lost Dutchman mine and just the feeling of de javu. Same with old Tucson. thanks, wish I could be of more help. Cool memory though, thanks!
Date: 3/27/2009   Time: 9:44:00 AM
Comments: What a great site ! I know so many people that when you mention Legend City have no idea what I am talking about. I have very fond memories of going there with my dad when I spent weekends with him. Am so glad I have these memories and this site reminded me of alot of them. Thanks to who ever put this site together, great job !
Date: 3/21/2009   Time: 10:15:21 PM
Comments: Wow,
this certainly brought me back to my childhood! I spent many weekends hanging
out at Legend City with my best friend David. This park had huge influences on
our lives as it kept us out of a lot of trouble. I can remember riding the Lost
Dutchman Mine ride over and over again. I remember those days when Wallace and
Ladmo would perform and they would have free admission in addition to the
possibility of winning a prize! That was the true Phoenix and this site should
be preserved forever. Thank you so much for taking me back to found memories!
Date: 3/15/2009   Time: 6:31:15 PM
Comments: Really miss this place. I have told my kids all about it. Only thing I had to do EVERY week end.
Thanks for the memories!!!!

Kim Now in Montana
Date: 3/6/2009   Time: 7:40:30 PM
Comments: Cool. Was peeking at the wikipedia Wallace and Ladmo pages and followed the Legend City link here. Thanks for the web site. I was lucky enough to get to Legend City once to see Wallace and Ladmo. What a great time!
Date: 3/4/2009   Time: 7:53:54 PM
Comments: I remember going to Legend City as a teen in the late '70's, especially the time I threw up on the Tilt-a-Whirl. Good times!
Date: 3/4/2009   Time: 4:01:04 PM
Comments: What fun. Randy and Leslie, AKA Ronnie, pretty much said it all. As I was never banned from the park as Leslie was, I have very fond memories. Thanks for the site. Terry
Date: 3/3/2009   Time: 9:01:22 PM
Comments: They should have NEVER torn this down. What a shame.
Date: 3/3/2009   Time: 2:53:07 PM
Comments: WOW! Amazing web site! How unique so much is preserved and so many lives touched by Legend City. Amazing memories. Dad transported us from rural Iowa to build and work at Legend City in the early 60s. Legend City was my brothers my sister and my home away from home for several years. Incredible place to be a teen in the 60s. What a great place to grow! I would also like to apologize to anyone whos River Ride I may have ruined by memorizing the spiel and rudely saying the spiel before the River Boat Captain. You may find comfort in knowing that Dad banned me from the River Ride for 2 weeks. My partner in crime and best friend, Nancy Tompkins, where are you? Find me at lesliekosta But know you remember me as Ronnie Schenck.
Date: 3/2/2009   Time: 9:20:44 PM
Comments: This is a walk down memory lane for an old 59 year old kid from Iowa. My dad and family moved to Arizona in 1961 and help build and run Legend City until the fall of 1964. It was sad to see such a fine place have the financial problems it did but we had no idea it remained in operation until 1983. During the building I remember helping with the cement work for the pads the rides sat on. I was only 12 or 13 at the time but dad took me to work a few times. Later after the park opened, I went there many times and knew almost every inch of the place. My father was the maintenance foreman after the place opened and later become Rides Manager. He has lots of good memories of the place and the people who worked there including lots of kids from ASU. Many of the rides for the park came from a Kiddy Land Park in Kansas City, Missouri. At an even younger age I went to Kansas City a few times and rode those rides before they were moved to Legend City. I'm sure that many of the folks who visited the Park back in those Early days loved it and the people that worked there loved it too. They were exciting times and deserve the time and effort you have put into this web site. Thanks, Randy Schenck and father, Ron Schenck
Date: 2/28/2009   Time: 7:25:35 AM
Comments: My name is Mark Miller, our band COMPROMISE nine peice horn band played on the floating dock and Red Garter almost every summer from 68-70. Did anyone ever see us play?
Date: 2/26/2009   Time: 10:41:23 PM
Comments: From about spring 1971 till the end of summer 1973, I and a couple of my friends Steve and Alford were stunt men who trained under Ron Nix.
This site sure has taken me back there!
We used to have a gunfight at the town in the back of the lot and then shoot outs on the train. Sometimes we would stack tumbleweeds on the tracks and set fire to them so we could rob the payroll on the train.
Those were times I truly miss and your site took me back there, THANKS!
I will always miss Legend City!! WHAT A LOSS!
Mike Greene
Date: 2/26/2009   Time: 9:42:48 PM
Comments: Thanks for bringing back some childhood memories.
Date: 2/21/2009   Time: 12:14:18 AM
Comments: thanks for the site...lots of good times there...I kiss my first girl there at 14 wow...bring back the summer of 68
Date: 2/16/2009   Time: 9:51:25 PM
Comments: How fun to have found your website! Thanks so much for the memories! I celebrated my 16th at LC and remember getting stuck on the ferris wheel! It was a safe, fun place that parents could let their teenagers roam. I showed this to my kids and they can't believe how old I am!! Thanks again!
Lisa Clark Schneiderman - Marietta, GA
Date: 2/16/2009   Time: 8:41:03 AM
Comments: Oh man! Thank you so very much for maintaining this website. My memories are vivid of birthday, and family visits at Legend City. These were the best of times - socially too!
Mike Durso
Date: 2/14/2009   Time: 4:34:40 AM
Comments: srp sucks i had a good time there mid70,s maybe early80,81 just think kown cool it would be 2009

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