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A Tribute to a Bygone Arizona Amusement Park
Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

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Date: 6/21/2013   Time: 3:46:03 PM
Comments: My first visit to Legend City was in 1971 for an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, by the time I got there all the eggs had been found. But as I grew up and started driving, going to Legend City was always so much fun. I remember at one point we could pay one gate price, get a wrist band and stay/ride all day. I remember that Buck Owens played there sitting on straw bales. Sure wish this place was still around. Could have turned it into a Six Flags!
Date: 6/21/2013   Time: 12:52:28 PM
Comments: We had a park called Paragon in Hull MA it closed 2 years after Legend City closed. I loved Paragon and I still miss that place. I never got to go to Legend City because I didn't move to Phoenix until 95. It sucks both parks are gone! Legend City is on Facebook,and also Paragon is on as Paragon Park Memories! Check both of them on Facebook! Take care Darren Dawson Boston Via Phoenix!
Date: 6/21/2013   Time: 8:46:38 AM
Comments: I remember going there as a kid with my parents, it was so much fun. My favorite memories are when me and my friend went on the log ride and we would always get wet that was a lot of fun as well.
Date: 6/21/2013   Time: 6:59:06 AM
Comments: I just graduated from high school in 1963; my first job was dancing at Legend City on the stage over the water! What fun we had with our musical review. At the end of summer, I assumed can can duties at the saloon. We watched Vonda Kay crowned Miss America during breaks in our dance routine. Karen Coudrey Drake
Date: 6/11/2013   Time: 5:41:06 PM
Comments: I worked there for 3 years for Bruce and Barbara Inman used to run into her at the state fair. Her parents owned Legend City at the end. The Gay Nineties and the Mexican Village I worked at. One of the employee parties was on my 19th birthday and at that time it was legal to drink at 19. So I had a great birthday at Legend City! I still have some of the cups and stuff. Miss it was so much fun.
Date: 6/11/2013   Time: 1:28:19 PM
Comments: The Capell brothers carnivals would not be able to help rebuilt sadly all the three brothers have passed. They were true out-door showmen.

Ted Capell

Date: 5/25/2013   Time: 6:40:33 AM
Comments: Looking forward to the anniversary party in June. We'll be there!!
Date: 4/28/2013   Time: 11:26:07 PM
Comments: Great information on the site and I loved the video's, Audio files and the music. I wasn't even born yet when they closed since I wasn't born till 1981. But the saying is true you do learn something new everyday. I just now found out that Legend City today.
Date: 4/1/2013   Time: 2:16:17 AM
Comments: My first job there was selling soda pop at a Glen Campbel concert in 71. afterwards I was able to get a job first as counter help then fry cook at the hamburger stand in Gay Ninties Village. The third season I worked we had new uniforms and they did a presentation for employees it was music from the love unlimited orchrestra, we thought we was in the big time when we walked out to start that season. I became a rides operator and it was a blast. I started on barf boulevard, did both the car rides, and was a relief operator on the ferris wheel. I got to do it for most of the day once because the regular guy was sick, everything went good till my break and the guy that relieved me didn't understand how to load the wheel. Instead of putting people in then sending them up to top, to keep it balanced by loading opposite car, he just kept loading cars until it overbalanced and the drive cable came off when it rolled backwards. We had lots of help from management that night. I loved to go in early we would get ice from resturants at back of park to fill the operators igloo water coolers, (the machines had more time to recover there volume before guests got back there), then we'd load them on an old U-haul flatbed truck and go screaming around the park delivering them. The mad rush to get clocked out at night, everyone would be pushing in and if you saw someone at the clock you'd hollar for them to clock you out too, cuz there was gonna be a party somewhere and you needed to get to it. I feel sorry for anyone that never worked there or got to see it. It's the reason I still won't work any longer then it takes to find a different job if I don't love doing it. I watched Wallace & Ladmo on KPHO channel 5 when I was a kid and allways enjoyed their gig at the park if you could find time. No it wasn't Disney Land, but it was there and so were we. Thank you for the site and the great memories. Scott Slinker
Date: 3/28/2013   Time: 7:42:34 AM
Comments: Was a cool place except it didn't have the water slide like Big Surf where the tops came off the chicks at the bottom
Date: 3/12/2013   Time: 9:27:46 AM
Comments: Let's get Scottsdale and Tempe in on contacting the Salt River Reservation authorities and leasing the land south of Tempe Marketplace for a new location and rebuild LC. Plenty of space, plenty of jobs . . . we are a MUCH bigger Valley now and could support the City all by ourselves!
Date: 1/23/2013   Time: 10:53:41 AM
Comments: I was just a skinny kid living in Mesa until the late 70's. I remember Legend City very well, as it was one of my favorite places on earth...the other being Big Surf. Some great memories, too bad LC isnt still here for the Valley's kids to enjoy like we did...and for us... just one more time. I never did get that coveted Ladmo Bag!
DO OVERS!!2/5/2013
Date: 1/22/2013   Time: 10:25:54 AM
Comments: I grew up in Phoenix/Scottdale from 1950 until I went to college in 1964. KPHO was the first local tv station in Phoenix and Gold Dust Charlie showed cartoons after school. My dad was a part time camera man there and shot Gold Dust including the arrival of his nephew Wallace J. Snead. Dad also shot Lew King Rangers and we played back stage with some kid performing brothers, Jerry and Wayne Newton. I guess I still remember the good ol' days.

I worked at Legend City when it first opened that hot summer of 1963. I started working in the parking lot and quickly moved up to street sweeper. While street sweeping, I spent time at the Golden Palace and sometime on my break, the drummer would let me sit in when Vonda Kay performed and do rim shots. I ended up working every ride and attraction (including the carnival rides when they came in) and continued to work there during my summers away from college. In 1964 that added a "sidewalk surfing" (now, skateboarding) ramp down one of the slopes and a flat practice area.

One of the great secrets of Legend City was the life at night after the park closed. The street sweepers had to fog the park because of the mosquito problems and all of the stagnant water in the park. We would put the foggers on back of golf carts and ride through the park. We would then get on the river boats and fog the water ways. Being young (and stupid) we would run the ferris wheel and let friends come in to ride the other rides. Having been a conductor on the train, I learned about running it and one night we took it for a ride.

I would love to catch up with former employees, especially from back in the day and more to the point, I would like to see who ended up with parts of the park after it was disassembled. Contact me at

Richard Marsh

Date: 1/14/2013   Time: 8:27:37 PM
Comments: I was at Compton Terrace before , It moved to Firebird to see
The GoGo's open for The Talking Heads' early '80's
Date: 1/14/2013   Time: 6:35:39 PM
Comments: I remember looking forward to Wallace and Ladmo shows at Legend City. After my mom passed away in 2002, each of us kids were given a few things that she had saved from our childhood. Among the things she had saved for me was a ticket book, nearly full, with the old A to E level tickets from Legend City. It really brought back some memories. Our favorite was always the Lost Dutchman Mine ride, and the Dutchman's Shack.
Date: 12/20/2012   Time: 5:41:27 PM
Comments: I wish someone would build a new Legend City. I had such great childhood memories there.
Date: 12/4/2012   Time: 2:33:21 AM
Comments: My name is David Anders,Sr. I performed at the Red Garter Saloon with my magic show as a fill in for the Great Parsoni (Tim Parsons) Mike Finney also worked there. David Monroe was my stage name and I cut my finger during a trick, So there was my blood in the stage wood. Tim was watching the act and thought it was a gag till I asked for a bandaid! It was a fun place to perform. I still have one of the final season posters.
Date: 11/30/2012   Time: 3:21:27 PM
Comments: The valley has grown dramatically since Legend City was in it's heyday. I think the time is ripe to bring it back, with a lot of the old attractions and some new ones too. Some say the summer heat here was partly what doomed it, but I remember going in summer in the evening and it wasn't that bad. It was a great place to take a date. A new Legend City could always close down during the hottest 2 or 3 months and run the rest of the year. Anyone have a few million they don't know what to do with. Let's get it going again better than it was before.
In a way I enjoyed it much better than Disneyland because you could comfortably see it all in a 3 or 4 hour time span. At Disneyland you can spend all day and still not catch everything.
Legend City was just the right size. It was sad for a lot of people when it went away.
Date: 11/4/2012   Time: 11:32:31 PM
Comments: I can't believe now that the Lost Dutchman Mine ride was the scariest thing I had ever experienced. I was terrified when that giant spider dropped down.
Date: 10/29/2012   Time: 6:22:42 AM
Comments: Just got back from the State Fair.. I was remembering when ac dc was playing on one of the rides in 81. I was telling My soon to be third Wife about Legand City . So I Googled it. Got to love Google...
I always wondered what Happened .. Thanx For this site... My Mom worked there in the Magic show not sure when like 79 or 80 and was on Wallace and Ladmo. Lot of memories at LC...
Saguaro 81' David k Hummer Facebook... Do it come on Do it...
Date: 10/24/2012   Time: 3:14:13 PM
Comments: Reading all the comments brought back snatches of memories of L.C. The wonderful cotton candy. The old Model T cars. Of course my most memorable time was a date night with my girlfriend in the early 70's. It was a twilight skycar ride as the last beams of the sun were still visible and the park lights had come on. It's still one of the most romantic times I can remember. Unfortunately, like L.C., Julie is a past part of my life, but I still have the memory of them.

Dave Pomeroy........Class of '74.
Date: 10/19/2012   Time: 8:52:06 PM
Comments: Worked for Retail at LC in the early 70's. I loved it! I was shocked to see all the pictures of attractions we had, since I hardly ever was there as a guest! I worked all the time, and it was a great place. Hard to believe 40 years has passed. I started as a "balloon girl" and ended up head retail clerk during my sojourn. We always wore name tags. One day I found the little box of old name tags, so I wore a different one every day. It took Walt Stanfield a month to realize what I was doing! He tried to be mad, but chose one for me that said "Flip" and had me wear it permanently! I miss Wallace and Ladmo! Who was the cool harmonica trio that played in front of the Emporium? My brother collects weird stuff and recently bought an album of theirs! Miss you Legend City! Come back!
Valarie Perkins Quick
Date: 10/14/2012   Time: 10:40:12 PM
Comments: I miss you. Lets rebuild.
Date: 10/7/2012   Time: 5:02:56 PM
Comments: I am scarred for life, my parents never took me; but I remember hearing about Legend City all the time when I watched the Wallace and Ladmo Show.
Date: 9/16/2012   Time: 9:09:38 PM
Comments: My Dad met my Mom when they both worked at Legend City. He was a Copper Tone and she was a Can-Can girl. If it weren't for Legend City, I wouldn't be here!
Date: 8/16/2012   Time: 12:01:43 AM
Comments: WOW, We must be getting old ! I spent many a weekend day and night with my friends running crazy. I remember the guide on the Lost Dutchman ride saying that the Cowboy/Miner "bought his shirt from Arrow" (due to all the Indian arrows that had been shot into him)......LOL
Many, many great memories were generated there, I was very sad to see it go away.....very sad time.

Date: 8/7/2012   Time: 7:08:40 AM
Comments: I actually WORKED at Legend City! I was a singer/dancer in the Red Garter Saloon, 1969-70. What a hard, fun job... 6 shows a day, 4 costume changes per show, and lots and lots of can-cans, back in the days when I still could-could. Great memories of dancing at Compton Terrace inbetween shows, dating the "groovy" riverboat captains, and watching the BACK of the Wallace and Ladmo Amphitheatre show from a tiny little porch off the dressingroom. I'll try to dig up some pix!
Wendy (Warren) Clay
Date: 8/2/2012   Time: 9:28:48 AM
Comments: I LOVED Legend City ! Great memories. My step father use to live in a studio apt above the Train Station there and worked for Compton Terrace. My first concert there was Asia. I worked for Compton Terrace from 1985-1988. So many great times !
Date: 6/27/2012   Time: 10:37:14 AM
Comments: Oooooodles of great memories as a kid...born & raised & still here. My parents took us as a family (grandparents too) many times. We also traveled to Disneyland often, and LC was definitely the next-best-thing! Believe I had my 11th B-day party there. So excited, but then sadly I got sick on the "Zipper" & had to go home.Loved the water ride!! Who didn't when it was so hot out?! Anyways, Great times & memories. Miss it very much, like most great old Phoenix icons, Wallace &Ladmo too (and don't forget Gerald !)....Fondly, Denise Watson (Mihalek)
Date: 6/26/2012   Time: 3:33:34 PM
Comments: I grew up in Phoenix, from 66 to 78, them moved to the LA area. I moved back after high school and wish ole Legend City was still around. Thanks for the exceptional site, loved looking thru everything! We need a new LC, NOW!!
Date: 6/3/2012   Time: 6:09:53 PM
Comments: Hi,
Patty Russnak just popped into my mind and when I googled her all of these things came up and I'm sure it is the same Patty I went to school with at Arizona State from 1963-67. Anyway Patty, if it is you Hi!
Janet (Harris) Smith
Date: 5/31/2012   Time: 7:39:22 AM
Comments: oh my gawd!! ha ha ha ha how could not remember Legend city and wallace & kadmo and the John Morrell hot dogs and those big long bags of popcorn..dang and the water ride
Date: 5/23/2012   Time: 2:31:31 PM
Date: 4/25/2012   Time: 10:16:56 PM
Comments: robert and me both went , i remember well, YES WALLACE AND LADMO! we were on the local bozo the clown show in phoenix, i loved wallace and ladmo, spent most of my childhood in glendale!! miss my friends ! the averys! melvern , bushy johnny, and arron, go navaho! wax museum!! what a hoot , i wish i was there now, in portland oregon now.its been over 30 years!!!!!!! cheers legend city! its still 4.20!!!
Date: 4/25/2012   Time: 4:06:39 PM
Comments: I was one of those kids who loved going to Legend City in the 70s before moving out of state in 77. One of my memories is getting caught in the Lost Dutchman Mine ride when there was a problem with the cars and we all had to walk out. Pretty scary for a young boy LOL. I will miss the park and its a shame it closed down. Robert
Date: 4/9/2012   Time: 7:24:10 PM
Comments: This is not fair!! My kids deserve to go to a real amusement park like legend city.. not the make shift silly place at metro center.. come on castles and coasters.. really. Any rich people out there with a heart.. put up the money and give back to the community. I'm sure you enjoyed it as a kid.. this is so embarrasing.. a city this size.. lets make it work.
Date: 4/7/2012   Time: 8:07:20 AM
Comments: Arizona has NOTHING in the way of an amusement park! Bring back LEGEND CITY!
Date: 4/6/2012   Time: 8:58:44 PM
Comments: Great site....thanks for the hard work. Tim
Date: 4/4/2012   Time: 9:52:08 AM
Comments: Let's rebuild it! I'll start a fund and we can get investors.... free admission for life for all stock holders..... Seriously! we are #5 in population... REBUILD IT!
Date: 3/28/2012   Time: 6:02:21 PM
Comments: Dear friends,

I'm a fifth grader at Valley Christian Elementary. I'm doing a state report on Arizona. Me and my friend Bruce didn't find this website until today. We got so hooked up in the Lost Dutchman Mine section that we didn't realize how lucky you guys were, even though its closed :(. R.I.P Legend City.
Date: 3/26/2012   Time: 8:53:17 PM
Comments: I am 47 years old, I was born and raised in Phoenix. My Dad, George Frick did some artwork for Legend City and we got free passes. I heard somewhere that Stevie Nix's family had something to do with LC but I can't remember. I always felt a connection to Stevie and LC but couldn't put my finger on it. Awesome memories!!!

Darren Frick
Reno NV.
Date: 3/20/2012   Time: 1:21:49 AM
Date: 3/4/2012   Time: 9:20:11 PM
Comments: I am a native Phoenician and went to East High School graduating class of 75. I remember going to a Rare Earth Concert on the dance floor over the lagoon at L. C. it's a wonderful memory for me. I loved going on the Mad Mouse Roller Coaster and screaming all the way. I took my son there when he was a baby and Ladmo let me take a picture of him holding my son. Thanks for the memories

Toni Ellington
Date: 2/26/2012   Time: 4:06:41 PM
Comments: I remember being taken by my steady boyfriend and another couple by blindfold on my 16th birthday (5/2/1970) and being driven to Legend City for a fantastic double date! My boyfriend topped the evening by including some gag gifts which really cracked me up! I really enjoyed going there with my friends for several concerts too... Janet Harrison
Date: 2/24/2012   Time: 10:48:38 PM
Comments: My father Morris W. Ragsdale, "Morrie Dale" worked as a pianist/accompanist at the Pepsi Show Boat, I want to say 1966 0r 1967. I spent many a week-end night going to work with him seeing all the shows, riding rides before he had to be to work. I met Vonda Kay, Johnny Weismuller, and was in the magic show as a "volunteer" LOL, one too many times, ruined the timing one night when I was too eager to stick my head in the guillotine. Good Times. If anyone see this posting and perhaps worked with my father, has photos. Please contact me.
Date: 2/22/2012   Time: 7:36:03 PM
Comments: I sure miss this old place i remember the hand trains and cars, and seeing all the tv stars like batman and robin, and cowboy shows. and we used to do native show there we would dance on the weekends. and after all our show than we run around the park. i also love the shooting gallary. I miss this place , wallace and ladmo.
and alll the concerts too.
Date: 2/12/2012   Time: 5:12:55 AM
Comments: Legend City, Wallace & Ladmo, Farrells Ice Cream Parlor, Shakeys Pizza, the Pop Shoppe, Beeline Raceway, Compton Terrace, KDKB, the Valley was paradise on earth back then.
Date: 2/8/2012   Time: 9:00:13 PM
Comments: Such a awesome place. Forgot all about it and remember so much looking at all the picture! Good times! thanks for putting it all together! really appreciate the walk down memory lane!
Date: 1/12/2012   Time: 12:57:15 AM
Comments: Legend City was AWESOME! I think I grew up there, lol. In Junior High, it was a great place to hang out with friends, and make friends ;). In High School, it was still fun to go for a 'fun-date', and after High School was still a great place for many concerts, and the beer garden, and..well you remember.(skyride). Great times, Great friends, great memories. Jim Yount-THS'74.2/8/2012
Date: 1/9/2012   Time: 1:32:44 PM
Comments: I lived in PHX from 1966 - 1977. I attended Montebello and then RE Simpson Elementary Schools. When I was a Freshman at Alhambra HS I remember being invited to a friend's birthday party at Legend City. This would be the last time I visited that old amazing park! I still have great memories of being dropped off at the gate with friends to spend the day prowling around 'all by myself!' Such an awesome time was always had at Legend City.

I also remember watching Wallace & Lladmo every afternoon on tv - I think it was Channel 13? I was actually on the W&L show with my sugar packet collection when I was in 5th grade! FUN!
Date: 1/7/2012   Time: 9:14:39 PM
Comments: If you grew up in Phoenix, Wallace and Ladmo FOREVER!
Date: 1/7/2012   Time: 9:11:35 PM
Comments: I remember going on the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine Ride when I was around 10 years old (many, many, many years ago) with my mom, dad and little sister. I was so terrified of the giant spider that dropped down towards the end of the ride that I crawled to the floor of the mining car and started crying. Then at the end of the ride, you turn the corner and you were looking at a train coming right at you. When we got off the ride they went across to the Dutchman's cabin, but I wouldn't go in because I was way to afraid. So instead I rode the donkey driven merry-go-round. Good times :-D
Date: 1/6/2012   Time: 12:34:50 PM
Comments: My husband and I lived at the park near the Railroad Station and Entrance to the park. We lived there for one year...1970 to 1971. Our first daughter, Andrea was born in December and we continued to live in the park for 10 more months. The park was closed the night I went into labor and we could not find a security guard to open the gate...I thought I was going to have her in the park. It was cold and raining and we eventually made it to Good Samaritan hospital. I also remember my husband helping with the Wallace and Ladmo a fill in. Since we lived in the park, we would have access to the rides. We would have friends over and ride the bumper cars and play goofy golf. Pretty amazing. I have a ton of memories and stories about Legend City. Also, I watched Gold Dust Charlie when Wallace first started in 1955. Wallace would squiggle a line and make a picture out of it. L. Givens
Date: 12/30/2011   Time: 9:54:12 PM
Comments: I remember in 1970 how much fun I had working at the ice cream parlor! Still have some great memories of the people I worked with and how much fun the park was.
Date: 12/17/2011   Time: 3:30:59 PM
Comments: I remember getting a Ladmo Bag there when I was around 8. Ladmo was such a awesome guy. Legend City and Wallace and Ladmo will always be remembered.
Date: 12/1/2011   Time: 3:05:59 PM
Comments: This website is great! The website designer must be a genius. Thanks for sharing your memories!!

Date: 11/4/2011   Time: 6:10:13 PM
Comments: I loved looking at this site - I have such great memories of Legend City - I was in junior high and my sisters and our friends would get together and make our plans for a trip to Legend City. It was so exciting - a little feeling of independence for us and so much fun! Loved the Lost Dutchman ride.

I really appreciate you putting this together so we can experience it one more time!

Date: 10/21/2011   Time: 9:49:42 PM
Comments: Sorry to have missed it .. I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan and operating out of Nam. I was born and raised in the Phoenix area (West Phoenix, Fowler, Tolleson) from 1936 through 1966. That must have been built in the area where in 1936-7 there was a big stock yard on the south side of the road, The Salt river ran at that time and there was a Tent City east of the stock yard and on the north bank of the river. I didn't even know we were poor, we had shelter, food (fish), and a big play ground ( though mother didn't think much of of her "baby" playing in the sand/silt) .

We moved to 7th Ave & Watkins Rd in 1937 Went to Adams School, Lowell School while .there. After the war we moved to Fowler (65th & W.Van Buren Rd) where I attended Fowler School, Tolleson Union High, and Phoenix College. Uncle Sam caught me in 1956 and I was gone for most of my life from Phoenix..

However, I'll bet me and some young thing would have been there otherwise!!
Date: 10/14/2011   Time: 12:31:18 PM
Comments: I worked there for a couple of years in the early 80's. So many great memories...... Except the one when I got fired for messing around with some girl in the fun house..... Her brother said that she said she was making out with the guy the worked the ride..... I never even saw her! They must have realized there were some holes in her story when she freaked out that her brother told the management... So, even though I never even met this girl, I was on kiddie Land duty for three weeks. Oh well, I'm sure I did something wrong in all the time I worked there. I then went on to work the "Lost Dutchman Shack" and the "Gold Mine". Oh yeah, that's where I goofed off. Used to sleep behind the Giant Spider.... Ha Ha!!! That place was great!!! Free concerts at Compton Terrace!!!
Date: 10/12/2011   Time: 2:08:41 PM
Comments: I am not sure how old I was when I first stating going there, I came to az in 1964, grew up in mesa. And grew up watching Wallace and Ladmo, so of course I spent alot of time at Legend City mostly as a teenager, that was when I was able to go with out my mom and meet up with friends and meet new friends. I remember at one time is was $5 to get in and stay all day and ride any ride you wanted to. I spent a lot of weekends there. I loved it, Wish it was still around, we need a place like that again in Arizona.

Ruth Harris
Date: 10/12/2011   Time: 1:54:34 PM
Comments: Legend City was a great place for teens to go on the weekend. the price was right, and the attractions were fun. My first son was the only one out of my 4 children that got to enjoy the fun, he was about 2 years old, then it close not to long after that. I wish it was still around.
Date: 10/9/2011   Time: 5:17:23 PM
Comments: No mention of The Grateful Dead at "Compton Terrace" 1981 !!!

Sunday August 30, 1981
Date: 10/3/2011   Time: 12:32:48 AM
Comments: Thanks for the memories! I worked at Legend City for three summers (1973-1975). First as a midway sweeper, then making carmel apples in the Candy Store and my last summer as a balloon girl. Both of my brothers (Joe Gallagher and Alan Gallagher) also worked at the park during these years. Names that I remember: Gloria Fernandez, Alex (?), Kimma Brown, Scott Singer, Joel Lawson, Walt Stanfield, David David, Earl Owens. It was a GREAT job for teenagers. We had a blast :)

Bonnie (Gallagher) Osborn ---
Date: 9/30/2011   Time: 8:00:55 PM
Comments: all i can say is thanks it was fun good old days
Date: 9/29/2011   Time: 4:11:09 PM
Comments: During my pubescent teenage years I think I fell in love there at least 10 times! It was such a blast. My cronies Julie, Becky, Lori, and the whole gang. Used to especially love to dance on Friday and Saturday nights. So glad you have the website. Thanks for the memories!
Date: 9/22/2011   Time: 9:13:24 AM
Comments: Memories. Fun memories.
Date: 9/16/2011   Time: 9:36:49 PM
Comments: I and my sister loved Legend City! It was almost always too hot, though. Tough weather for an amusement park. I remember the concerts that were held there, when the name was changed, to Feyline Fields, and Compton terrace, I believe. I remember the first concert there. Tickets were sold out, so we, (countless "left-out patrons") decided to storm the fences, and barriers, to get in. It was a rioutous, mob-scene! Then the concessions sold out of beer, almost as soon as they opened! Another riot/ action ensued! It was bizarre, to say the least! I'll never forget it! John Ennegon & Shirley Ennegon Pearson.
Date: 9/9/2011   Time: 10:32:19 PM
Comments: Born and raised in So. Eastern Az. in the small mining town of Clifton, Az. I can't remember how old I was, but my sister and I were taken to see Legend City and we thought it was just like Disneyland and all. I remember Wallace and Ladmo and Gerald! All I know is we had loads of fun! Wish I had pics. Love the vague memories! I think Hubb Cap and the Wheels were playing there!

Belinda Gener
Former resident of Clifton Az.
Date: 9/1/2011   Time: 10:45:33 PM
Comments: I was born at St. Joe's Hospital in 1965, and lived in AZ all my life! I remember so much of these fantastic places and people. I am proud to be a zonie!
Date: 8/31/2011   Time: 10:16:50 PM
Comments: I never got to go to Legend City as a kid and I am still mad about it. I worked all summer on household chores. My reward for all of these chores was to go to Legend City. Finally got them all done and . . . . they closed the next weekend. :(
Date: 8/30/2011   Time: 1:31:13 AM
Comments: Awesome piece of work! Two Thumbs Up!!! One thing I would like to share that so far I haven't heard anyone else talk about is the fact that Wallace and Ladmo actually hosted Birthday Parties at Legend City on the weekends, in addition to their stage shows there. I never got to have one there, but my brother did... he's two years older than me, but I distinctly remember Wallace and Ladmo singing Happy Birthday to my brother and about 6 other birthday kids one time.
Date: 8/23/2011   Time: 2:12:22 PM
Comments: I loved this place when I was a kid. My family would drive down from Payson and we would spend all day there. My fondest memory was when I got chosen to go up to the Wallace and Ladmo stage and won a Ladmo bag. Man this web page brings up alot of memories.
C Johnson
Date: 8/23/2011   Time: 5:47:35 AM
Comments: I can not believe this site exsits. All the pictures brought back a flood of childhood memories. I remember how upset I was the day it closed. Thank you for whoever put this site together. David Hippen Jr.
Date: 8/19/2011   Time: 9:03:23 PM
Comments: Seeing Legend City have such a site is wonderful, we used to love coming here, a real treat for us. I remember riding the cars, well all the attractions, there was a Nickelodeon too. The summer nights were always so much fun. I truly miss it.
Dana Riddell-Lee
Date: 8/18/2011   Time: 7:44:10 PM
Comments: Worked there 76 to 77 during HS. Great place to meet girls.
Date: 8/18/2011   Time: 6:14:15 AM
Comments: I had the opportunity to work there back in 1973-74. I was only 15, even though you had to be 16 to work there. I worked in the Candy Store near the main entrance. We would make Red Caramel Apples. My two co-workers in the store were Nancy Kane Bruener and Gloria Fernandez. Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I remember their names. Nancy's step-father was the Maintanence General Manager and her mother was his secretary. Having only been opened during the summer months, it was staffed with an abundance of ASU students, therefore, there was a Saturday night party somewhere. And it was not hard to find. The younger staff used to call it Peyton Place afterhours. I even got to live on the property back in '74 after the park closed by the Japanese firm, until it was sold. Lots of wonderful memories and glad I'm here to tell about it.
Date: 8/17/2011   Time: 9:10:06 AM
Comments: I loved going to Legend City my friend & I would drive from Globe. Legend City was like having a year around State Fair. Lynn E Pence Komula.
Date: 8/13/2011   Time: 11:05:07 PM
Comments: Would love another Legend City for my kids...many great memories!
Date: 8/12/2011   Time: 8:58:30 AM
Comments: I actually teared up when I first saw this website. Alot of great memories. I was always so confused though why this place closed? I know SRP bought the property but does that mean it was for sale? Why were the owners selling it if it was so popular? I moved to AZ in 78 when I was 6 so I was only here a couple times but what great memories.
Date: 8/11/2011   Time: 7:46:55 PM
Comments: Good stuff My mom worked there all the wallice and ladmo shows, the cannon that blue up , I think every nite at 8 or 9 pm they would lite the cannon off one night at the W&L show it went boom for the last time.Many good times there.
Date: 8/11/2011   Time: 7:36:09 PM
Comments: Thanks for the site... It brings back many happy memories! I moved to Arizona in 1963, at age 8. I, too, listened to KRUX (never KRIZ!), watched Wallace and Ladmo after school each day, dreamed of playing for the Phoenix Giants, saw my first drag race at Beeline and learned to play golf on a now closed course on the Reservation. We left in 1967, but my childhood heart remains... Good times...
Date: 8/11/2011   Time: 8:38:00 AM
Comments: Thanks for this site, lots of good memories. Born in 1966, graduated the year LC closed it's gates. These pictures spark many memories I didn't know I had!
Date: 8/7/2011   Time: 7:01:09 PM
Comments: Moved to Phoenix in 1960. You never know what you HAD till you LOST IT! Legend City made our childhood days PRICELESS! The entertainment with Wallace & Ladmo, the skateboarding all spelled out "F-U-N!!" Arizona's own Disneyland on a smaller scale. There has never been anything to replace it.
Date: 8/5/2011   Time: 9:46:48 AM
Comments: Love the many memories! Thank you!
Date: 8/2/2011   Time: 11:15:06 AM
Comments: So many memories... wish we could go back to those carefree days!!! Legend City was the best!
Date: 8/2/2011   Time: 8:08:46 AM
Comments: i went a few times when they would have dances i sure do miss those days that is when breaking was just coming out
Date: 7/22/2011   Time: 9:31:46 AM
Comments: Look what happens when the state fair comes to Az..its a mess, Legend City was pre, drive by's...murders, and all the awful things that go along with The State Fair, I miss LC alot!!! was wholesome, quiet, no gang bangers...Would love to see it come back, the way it REALLY was....high school fun and great no drama, really how mnay cell phones did you see there, lol ....I have many pics from there....and alot of good times happened there,,,So LC , you were a great park...:) sure miss the cotton candy , was the best!!!
Date: 7/17/2011   Time: 2:20:52 PM
Comments: it was a very happy time in my life, and was so heart broken when the park left. It was a great time for Arizona, wish the park would come back.

Lawrence Williams
Date: 7/2/2011   Time: 2:16:01 PM
Comments: Loved going to Legend City!!! Lots of great times and great memories!!! Thank You for
having a place to come back and relive all of that!!!!! Nancy.
Date: 6/14/2011   Time: 2:41:49 PM
Comments: I was there on opening day. I was 6 years old. My Daddy, Frank LaVigne was one of the designers of the park. It was fun to find this site.
Mimi La Vigne6/30/2011
Date: 6/6/2011   Time: 8:42:56 PM
Comments: Best time ever was when I worked there the summer of 1974 - am now 53. Thanks for the site! Big Sue
Date: 6/6/2011   Time: 7:11:33 AM
Comments: I miss the park. wish they would rebuild it! There is much to do in Phoenix. Times have changed, and I think it would do great now! Please rebuild !!!!!
Date: 6/3/2011   Time: 11:41:46 AM
Comments: Thank you so much for posting this site. It brings back so many great memories. Now I can at least share some of what it was like.
Date: 5/29/2011   Time: 4:52:13 PM
Comments: Thanks for the memories. Let me know if it is ever revived.
Date: 5/29/2011   Time: 9:01:57 AM
Comments: What a great place to hang out at when i was a younger man, so sad that we let them tear it down and replace the park with Office bluiding.
Date: 5/21/2011   Time: 6:36:10 PM
Comments: Hi John Just to let you know we were here __ Pattie and Barbie
Date: 5/21/2011   Time: 7:25:33 AM
Comments: I would take my girlfriend to Legend City back '64. Great memories. Great place for good clean fun. I miss the Phoenix of the '50s & '60s. Jim Blackburn
Date: 5/15/2011   Time: 6:05:05 PM
Comments: I remember rinding in the family car listening to either KRUX or KRIZ. Dad would drop us kids off and we would spend the whole afternoon and evening running from ride to ride.
A former co-worker and I used to talk about the "good old days" at Legend City.

Thanks for the memories,
Mike Mahoney
Date: 5/11/2011   Time: 6:54:05 AM
Comments: Wow! Thanks for doing this! It has been so long~! I was there from '79-to close. Omg! I was cashier and they moved the enterance to the side by the wax museum then some patron complained when we with cash went infront on the sky ride to get to the otherside of the park. So then we had to walk with money to the other side with money.
Growing up with Legend City and I still have the Yellow shirt I wore~.Loved it.
Date: 5/6/2011   Time: 6:43:33 AM
Comments: In the 1970s I lived in Scottsdale Arizona as a family you would go you would drive down McDowell Road turn on buttes Road up over the hill you would see the lights in the park and the sky ride your heart would start racing your parents would tell you to calm down and you knew you were going to have the best tim
thank you for the memories

joe leonard

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