The Lost Dutchman Mine
The Lost Dutchman Mine ride was probably the most distinctive attraction at Legend City, and one of the few original park rides that still remained at the very end. Inspired by the legend of Jacob Waltz, a German who supposedly worked a mine in the Superstition Mountains and discovered and hid large amounts of gold there in the 1870s, the Lost Dutchman Mine was in essence a ride in a mine car through a series of spooky and humorous scenes inside the haunted mine and briefly outside through a small enclosed graveyard. The color photos on this page date from 1972, while the black and white shots are from a somewhat earlier era, before wire cages were added to prevent the theft of the skeletons and other items. Photos kind courtesy of Dick Kraus, who designed and built many of the animated components of the ride, John Muessle and Rob Cook. Please click on the photos for closer views and detailed notes.

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